umera ahmed and Urdu Adab

Contemporary Umera Ahmad count is the most famous Urdu novel and drama writers. December 10, 1976 in Sialkot, Punjab Province, Pakistan became famous city and a Masters in English Literature from Murray College Sialkot. Army Public College English Language Teaching in Sialkot continue to concentrate on tasks written later, he quit his job.
Amyrh Ahmed began his career as a writer in 1998. Urdu dastan his early stories were published in book form was then. Amyrh Ahmed author of about 16 books, most of which are as popular novels and stories and plays in several different TV channels are rendered. However, his novel ‘Monday’ perfect ‘section came in unprecedented popularity. This novel Umera Ahmed has been a recognized and identified.

Novels by Umera:

Umera Ahmed, who presented the novel plays them manna and quails, futile, mistletoe, good and beauty, opinions, my God particle Unmarked, a little bit of heaven, life is Gulzar, Laraib existence, a handful of soil, Crossroads etc. Included was appreciated by the audience. Your first serial ‘existence Laraib’ Indus Vision Award for the Best Writer achieved in 2005. ‘Existence Laraib’ Lux was nominated for the award. Besides the three television films and to FM101 Islamabad ‘light house’ has written a play called. In his other novels, I have seen the tree of dreams, the city itself, flying, great, solitary confinement, pebbles, love is the star of the morning, waiting for me now, is there anything in your talk, deal, remember your Khar Rose, magic is a metaphor, no moment is not a dream, which was where the money, mirror, get, futile, where we were true, let us first earth, the moon courage, is a lifelong, never does not include faith, hope and love gifts.
Umera writings and stories usually revolve around real social problems and are a reflection of modern culture. Local problems and situations to describe the subject of spirituality with the special element of his novels. Amyrh Ahmed elderly and young men and women of every class, including favorites from the eyes see.

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